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Istanbul - the highlights --- three day itinerary to introduce the highlights of Istanbul;

First two days cover the attractions in the Old Town. On the third day you will discover European Istanbul through the colorful streets of the not-so-New District on a walking tour.
  • Tour can be revised, or extended to include other tours and walks.
itinerary details

day 1 - Introduction to Ottoman life style --- Topkapi was the administrative palace for the Ottoman dynasty for over 400 years. Tour includes the Harem, private apartments of the royal family.
We will then visit the Blue Mosque, renowned for its elaborate architecture, and the blue and white tiles that decorate the interior.
We will continue on to Mosque of Suleyman the magnificient, masterpiece of Ottoman classical architecture.
Orientation and free time in the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market.

day 2 - Byzantine Constantinople --- Hagia Sophia was the pride of the empire's capital city. The unique architectural style influenced many generations to come.
We will continue on to the mysterious Underground Cistern, and then the ancient Hippodrome, center of political and sportive activities in the city.
St. Savior in Chora is a spectacular church complex of the late Byzantine era. Mosaic decorations of this church rival those in Ravenna.

day 3 - Beyond the Old Town --- Today we discover Istanbul beyond the boundries of the old town. We will start the day walking the colorful streets of the New District. Istiklal Street leads us to Taksim Square, the beating heart of contemporary Istanbul.
Later today, we will take a cruise on the Bosphorus, the strait that divides the two continents.

transportation: private or public transportation as necessary
walking: easy to moderate, occasionally strenuous

Tour can be re-designed to your specifications, travel plans and expectations...
tour dates;
  • year around
Tour can be re-designed to your specifications, travel plans and expectations...

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