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Istanbul - the alternative --- full day tour - combines the New District walk and an excursion to the Asian side for a people's experience;

tour description

Pera, or the Istiklal Street area, was the first non-Moslem residential district of Istanbul that developed outside the Old Town back in the 19th century.
This walk will give you a chance to look at cosmopolitan Istanbul and its people.
The walk begins at Taksim Square, city's transportation hub. We will walk the Istiklal Street all the way to Tunel, station of the 19th century subway train.
The street has an ongoing action all through the day, and night; art nouveau theatres, art galleries, pubs, cafés are frequented by locals. You can see all sorts of people on the streets, from yuppies to Istanbul ladies following the early 20th century vogue.
The walk covers the picturesque Fish Market, besides other attractions. We also make a short detour to take a look at the impressive Orientalist painting collection at the Pera Museum.

We take the old subway train to Golden Horn, and enjoy a pleasant walk on the Galata Bridge, with impressive views of the Old Town, the Horn and the Bosphorus.

Then we take the commuter ferry across the Bosphorus to Kadıkoy. Kadıkoy is a commercial and residential district that grew over the decades around the ferry docks. District market is the historic core of the area, and it doesn’t get more authentic than this setting.
We ride the same ferry back to European Istanbul.

tour format: walking & public transportation
tour duration: approximately 8 hours
walking: easy to moderate

Tour can be re-designed to your specifications, travel plans and expectations...
tour dates;
  • year around
Tour can be re-designed to your specifications, travel plans and expectations...

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